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Ai Productions started with the intentions of bringing afforadable, high quality products, event and marketing management to a wide variety of people.

With connections in every arm of industry for advertising and marketing, Ai Productions is well placed to fit your budget and maximise your profit margin.

Running everything from events, to business marketing management, Ai Productions is more than a print shop: Ai Productions is your liaison on business.

Our Team

Mohamed Hage-Ali


Mohamed has been in the print industry for close to 13 years in one way or another. Realising that many small to medium businesses couldn’t reach their potential, Mohamed moved to create Ai Productions as a way of bringing high-end product to every business that needs it.

Jamil Mahfoud

Director of Sales

Jamil Mahfoud is a sales executive of 15 years, with experience in a wide variety of industries. His expertise helps shape the relationship Ai Productions has developed with its established clientele.

Andrew Lee

Director of Production and Procurements

Andrew brings an expertise in the industry that is unmatched. His brand of knowledge on the product range means all stock that leaves Ai Productions for your destination will be of the highest quality, all the time.